How to make a silicone beads dummy clip

DIY Dummy Clips

How to make a silicone beads dummy clip

Welcome to our Dummy Clip DIY step by step guide! This guide will help you create beautiful, durable, and safe dummy clips!


Dummy Clip x 1 - We keep a wide variety of styles and colours in our clips, you can shop here to browse through all of the options available to you!

approximately 10 x 15mm round silicone beads โ€“ We have over 86+ colours in our 15mm round silicone beads. We also have numerous sizes, shapes and types of bead, to many to mention here. Please shop here to view them all!

-Cord. We have a wide variety of colours for our satin nylon cords and we also keep the ever so popular cotton wax cord.



-Measuring tape or ruler. Have look at our bead boards. Shop here.

-A paper clip. Take a paper clip, smooth it out, and then fold it in half.


  1. Take the satin nylon or cotton wax cord and measure about 60cm of cord. It is important to note that the length will vary depending on how many beads, the type of bead as well as the size of bead you use. For 10 x 15mm beads, 56cm is a great length!
  2. The next step is to join the two ends of your cord together. This is done by melting, with your lighter, both ends of the cord and then firmly press them together. When the ends starts melting, Immediately push both ends of the cord into each other. You have to do this as quickly as possible.ย Remember the cord just melted and is extremely hot. Always be careful not to burn your fingers!
  3. Take out the lighter again and lightly run the flame over the joined area, smoothing and rubbing the joint until you feel confident that it is a well joined cord. It is very important that you now leave it to cool down now and give it time to set and harden properly. The satin nylon cord will become almost like hard plastic once its melted and joined properly.
  4. Test the strength of the cord, and then test again! This step is most important! After you allowed the cord to set and harden, you have to test the strength of the cord by giving it a really good pull. When you are absolutely confident and satisfied with the strength of the cord, you can move on to step number 5.
  5. Take the clip and the joined cord, and loop the cord through the clip, making sure that the joined area is placed closer to the clip because you will want your chosen beads to cover the joined area.
  6. Next, to be extra cautious and safe, take the cord and make a knot right up against the clip โ€“ this will ensure that your beads are secured and safe.
  7. Now itโ€™s time to use your paper clip. You will use the disassembled paper clip like a threading needle. Loop your cord through the paperclip, and start threading your beads in the order youโ€™ve designed your soon to be completed silicone dummy clip!
  8. There will be some excess cord left at the end after all your beads have been thread. Create a knot tightly up against the last bead and make sure to pull it super tight.
  9. Check one last time that your cord and clip is securely and strongly put together. That's it! Your silicone bead dummy clip is now complete and ready to have a teether or dummy attached!


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